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Pepper Palace in New Orleans

Pepper Palace

It’s no secret that Louisiana has some of the most diverse and delicious cuisines around. Oftentimes, when you think of the food in New Orleans, you’ll think of gumbo, po’ boys, etouffees, etc. But what are these Cajun dishes without the spices and hot sauces that make them so great? ...
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Louisiana Po Boys

Po’ Boys: A Louisiana Favorite

Time and time again I sing the song of loving all things Louisiana, and today is bound to be no different. As always, my love of the south is certainly derived in partnership with my love of food, and there is a particular dish that is worth making a note ...
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Popeyes Chicken Shakes Up their Menu

Its hardly a surprise that I am a strong contender for “all things Louisiana;” considering I basically eat, sleep, and breathe all things Southern. In the South we are based in strong tradition that is older than the United States itself, rooted perhaps in a less than savory history but ...
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Christmas in New Orleans with the Reggie's

Experience the Magic of Christmas in New Orleans

Experience the Magic of Christmas in New Orleans When thinking about a holiday in New Orleans, most people typically think of Mardi Gras full of King Cakes, beads, and an everlasting party. Not many people think about the winter wonderland that the crescent city can be. Every corner of the ...
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New iPhone 12

2020 iPhone 12 Predictions

Tomorrow is the next big Apple Event and it's pretty safe to assume that the newest iPhone will be announced. Below I've outlined some of my predictions and tech I'd like to see in Apple's flagship phone.   1. There's a 99.9% chance that the new iPhone 12 will most ...
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A New Orleans Summer Treat

One of the most iconic New Orleans treats is the Snowball! On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than an ice-cold snowball to cool you down. Snowball stands are open for the season despite the pandemic, which means you can get your sugar-rush whenever you’d like! There’s one snowball stand ...
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Fathers Day Grilling with Reggie Family

Father’s Day Feast

A Father’s Day Barbecue Great memories can be found where you least expect them. For some people, it might be the annual grand vacation they take with their families in a new city or country. Some people prefer road trips, or overnight outdoor excursions, or even just a day trip ...
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Ray Reggie

Chicken Wars: And The Winner Is…. by Ray Reggie

When it comes to chicken, two fast food joints come to mind; Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. But, we have to ask, who makes a better chicken sandwich? As a New Orleans native, I might be a little bit biased on the subject, but the folks at the New Yorker really got ...
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Spicy Homemade Cajun Jambalaya

Where To Eat in New Orleans with Ray Reggie

I recently was interviewed about one of my favorite topics  —  food in New Orleans. Here’s an excerpt from that interview. I hope you enjoy and find my suggestions helpful.  Whether you’re planning a trip to New Orleans, or you’ve lived there your entire life, there’s always new and exciting ...
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New Orleans Hot Dogs

Rob’s Rockin’ Dogs in New Orleans

It's awesome to see my friends Rob's Rockin' Dogs featured on such a prominent website and getting the attention the deserve. Awesome food and fantastic customer service! Check it out by tapping or clicking on the link below from Only in Louisiana. Learn More: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/louisiana/new-orleans/robs-rockin-dogs-nola/   Ray Reggie @RayReggie www.RReggie.com
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