2020 iPhone 12 Predictions

Tomorrow is the next big Apple Event and it’s pretty safe to assume that the newest iPhone will be announced. Below I’ve outlined some of my predictions and tech I’d like to see in Apple’s flagship phone.


1. There’s a 99.9% chance that the new iPhone 12 will most certainly have 5G connectivity. To stay relevant in the market, not offering the connection speeds that pretty much every other phone does would be a crucial mistake. This would bring the new iPhone into the same ballpark as the S20 Ultra and new Note 20 Ultra.


2. I’m definitely crossing my fingers that the new iPhone models offer a battery share feature similar to the ones you see on current Galaxy models. Being able to place another iPhone on top of yours to charge or share battery power would be fantastic. This would be even better if Apple AirPods and the new Apple Watch Series 6 were also able to be charged.


3. A small (mini) version of the iPhone. While many cellphone brands are constantly increasing the size of their phones, there are still some of us that prefer the smaller screens and ease of use with one-handed typing. While they do currently offer the iPhone SE, it’s incredibly subpar compared to the 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. So maybe an iPhone 12 Mini would help even the playing field.


4. Finally – I’d love to see some new colors. The midnight green option with the 11 was an incredible addition. This year it would be nice to see even more variety. I’m not talking plastic like the 5C models that came in yellow, I’m saying a nice titanium blue color or even a vibrant orange. Only time will tell. Who knows what Apple has up their sleeves.
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